All will be explained soon. Stay tuned.


  1. Hey Sasha,

    wanted to thank you for all the value you are giving. I really appreciate it and I have grow a lot thanks to you!

    I did some personal development courses and also read some cool books like Conversations with God (which Im reading because u mentioned it) and I have been thinking about what is my mission in life. Im kinda lost…

    Once I talked to my angel (through a friend of mine that can do that kind of staff, BRUTAL) and he/she/it said that I will be leading a group, and that I had the mission to help people but in the real world, so no spiritual seeking.

    I think about this but I feel like real world stuff doesn’t fulfill my persona… In my mind I creat a lot of cool stuff but then in the underworld Im scared to take action, I fail to execute. For example I would love to be able to have the courage to talk to a girl in the street like you do. Im thinking about leaving everything for now and take a bootcamp with you, wherever you are Im going.

    Im 25 and there are 1.000 things I want to do (although I have created a lot of cool things and Im running 2 business).

    Im kinda lost. I need guide. Any recommendations?? We could do a coaching call too…




    1. Honestly, I would just worry about what you are feeling at the moment. Pursue what you feel is right…. no matter what. Also you may change your mind totally in a very short amount of time, but you just need to go on some journey for that to happen.

      Maybe you’re meant to do what the angel said… when you’re 50. But that’s 25 years from now! lol

      Just i’ll PM if u want to maybe have a call.


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