Bye Bye Fear Fear Of Death!

Nov 24th


Feeling amazing after a work out, eating breakfast, and just feeling into being – fearlessness. I have realized why I had to go thru “dying” both on ayahuasca and acid. (It was brutal!)


It’s very simple


Holding on to this life – the human life – when facing death is actually a denial of what we are.


We are source energy, manifested into human form. So if source is god…. We ARE god….. we ARE the unified field. WE come from it and we are a part of it. And we know that we go there when we leave the human body. And yet – we are afraid of “Death.”


How irrational is that?


How can you be afraid to go back to that which you ARE? Your primary state of being. That’s crazy… You can not enjoy this human life if you are terrified of “loosing” it.


We must realize (in this lifetime) the nature of what we are. Which is, of course….the divine.


We must realize that we simply GO BACK to the divine when we leave this place (This has true not only because of thousands of years of accounts from mystis/yogi’s/enlightened beings…but because even modern science has confirmed it.


We know what happens when we leave this place…. So why the fear?


What are we holding on to?


How can we be afraid to go back to our original (source) nature?


That is why saints and spiritual guru’s are never afraid of dying. They are not dying they are going home.


Imagine you live in a house with your family. A great house, you love it. Then for 6 weeks you go to summer camp. It’s amazing time you make new friends, you learn so much it’s wonderful. Then at the end of 6 weeks it’s time to go home. Can you imagine freaking out? Panicking and screaming? I don’t wanna go! I’m gonna die if I leave here! I wanna stay forever!!!


You can’t stay forever. You have to go home at some point. You went to camp and you learned lots of cool stuff and now it’s time to piss off and go home. Next year, you’ll get to go to camp again and you’ll make more friends and learn even more stuff and that will be great too. And then you’ll go home again…


The problem is that we have forgotten what home is. We think this is it – that this is all there is. But that’s absurd. Ridiculous. And by attaching ourselves and rooting ourselves totally in this world we create pain and suffering of enormous magnitude… because we are confused. Because the systems/world/information around us is CREATED to separate us from what we are.


We are purposefully given tons of erroneous information….and are totally disconnected from source.


Also we are fear of death. This is programmed into us and is one of the greatest lies of all time.


We think the ride is going to end so we need to “use” the time well. Fuck more. Make more money. Get a nicer car. Gain people to like you. BLA BLA BLA…..


It’s all bullshit!!!


You’re just going to leave summer camp! So what? You’ll be back. The only thing that really matters – the only thing you get to keep – is the lessons, experience, and wisdom you pick up. (and apparently the friends, too)


The ONE thing they don’t want us to do is to connect with our true being…. Then we are joyful and un-afraid….. in that state of being – we can do ANYTHING. Including transform the planet into an oasis.


So wake up. Wake up!!!


This is not “your” life. It’s A life.


“YOU” have nothing to loose … “YOU” are immortal and always have been and always will BE. YOU ARE BEING.


You’re in summer camp. Have fun, learn….. and enjoy every minute of it. There’s nothing to be afraid of…. One day you’ll just get to go home. And what a glorious day that will be :)

LIVE FEARLESSLY and have complete faith….. everything is going to be okay :)



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