Goodbye Energy Sucking Thing – and god bless ;)

Okay so the plan was to catch this blog up on all the experiences I’ve had so far, then write new ones – but as usual – whether I’m looking for them or not things just keep happening.


How do I even sum this up?? Let me try: While In Japan, I’d met up with Jane, who is a spiritual type call. Works with energy, teaches psychic self defense etc. I’ve just put up a podcast about it.


So, while in Japan she suspected there was some kind of entity draining my energy.


Now, I’ve had low energy etc, but was just assuming it was due to certain endochronological issues I’m dealing with.  You dig? At first I was sceptical about the idea, but fast forward to just last week.


I was in London, and Jane had volunteered to do a little workshop on psychic self defense. Essentially, protecting yourself from energy attacks, whether it be from entities/people with bad intentions etc.


It was really cool – she had us find/feel our own aura, and feel the energy of certain objects. I’ve been doing healing energy stuff for years naturally so it’s easy for me to pick up energy from people/objects (people are easier) so I did pretty well with that.


Then we went into a darkened room so that we could try and “see” each other’s aura.


Well, everyone else in the room could see them –but I couldn’t! I was like “WTF!!!”


Then, a strange thing happened.  Jane says “Sasha, you have … this alien looking head above your left shoulder — and it’s draining your energy”


I was like – WTF???


I said “does anyone else see it?” and in like a SECOND 2 more people were like “OMG!!! YES!!!”






I asked her to GET IT OUT!!!


She said she knows someone that is much better at that – who’s basically an exorcist.


So the next day I met up with this dude. Now, he’s not an actual full time exorcist. He’s a regular dude who’s recently discovered that his higher self has that ability, and in past lives he’s done that before. And has just  discovered this fairly recently in this life. Let’s just call him the Exorcist Knight. (His higher self is a Knight.)


So we meet up and eat some indian food. He pays (relevant later) mainly for comedy purposes….


During dinner he said he’d already spoken to the entity. He asked it what/why it was doing, and it said it was living off my energy AND feeding it’s little ones.


He’s asked it to go elsewhere, but it said I had a lot of energy so it liked me. He told it it could leave of it’s own accord, or he would vaporize it.


We go to a quiet graveyard. He gets a bucket of water.


He tells me to lay down on the grass and I do so.  I see him doing some energy stuff to the water.


Then, I felt a few drops of wet on my chest. He touched my forhead a bit…. He was focused. About 2 mins in I opened my eyes, and he was SUPER focues on mumbling to himself. I could see he was facing that thing ….. then he sat down cross legged and was seemingly in meditation – but I could tell he was doing some important work.


Then – he just stopped. I knew it was over.


I half sat up, and said “Is it gone?”


He paused….. “Yes” he replied.


I said “Are you sure….?


(Pause)…. “Yes”


Now: HERE is where it gets interesting…..


As I was asking the question “Is it gone” I already knew something was going on but I just was compelled to ask.  As soon as he answered… I tuned into myself and immediately felt… lighter. Just lighter.


I stood up.  Suddenly I felt a rush of energy. It’s hard to put into words…. But I just wanted to see how much I had. I ran to the edge of the graveyard and back. Then I did jumping jacks and a few push ups. I felt great!!! I KNEW it was gone……


Then suddenly I burst into tears. Like full on sobbing for like maybe a minute. Then I just felt relaxed.


We went back to his house.


While in his backyard, I did 4 sprints from back to front (and back) ….. 3 sets of “high knees” where you jump and slap your knees into your palms mid air…. Push ups….. as I just felt this HUGE surge.


At one point I sat down and just had to breathe deep. HUGE DEEP BREATHS…. The energy was flowing like CRAZY. I channelled it between my hands but I needed to do something with it. I’d NEVER felt this much energy at my disposal – EVER!  I was like Raiden from Mortal Kombat – but not evil! :P


So, I ran into the house and put my hand on the Knight’s head. For the next 10 minutes, I just channelled the energy into his head and then later into his root chakra where he needed some work done.  My hands got very hot and he later said he felt some movement/rebalancing happening in his stomach.


I felt great the rest of the night but FINALLY the tiredness from jumping around set in. I slept well and woke up feeling normal. This was all one week ago, and since then I feel normal. But with no days where I really feel crappy.


I was actually worried that I’d have that huge energy level always – which would be something. I’d have to go work out each morning just to calm myself down…. But nah, I’m fine. Just fine.


So, I think the moral here is two fold:


If you’re not feeling well, low energy, or even getting strange negative thoughts etc – get yourself checked out – by an energy type of personal who can see if you’re being influenced.  People see doctors when they are physically ill – why not a spiritual type of energy healer if you’re ill in a different type of way?


Secondly ….. I think we all have energy vampires in our lives, whether they are alien head entities or just people who are draining us.  In either case – you have to deal with them and GET RID OF THEM – or they will slowly destroy you.


Anyways it was quite a day. I’m looking forward to seeing how I’ll feel, being back home now and focusing on eating well, exercising etc.



May The Divine Spirit bless you all ;)




p.s big thanks for the Warrior Knight for saving my ass, and to Jane E for spotting the entity.


  1. Hey Sasha
    Awesome! Listened to your podcast today and now this! But it’s hard to believe :( any tips on having my eyes opened? :(


    1. The truth is all around you – just open your eyes, ears, and heart and see it for what it is.

      Read “Conversations with God” for a start….


      1. Hello, thank you for all,

        but you have nowhere mentioned the author of the book, please provide us with the author and best would be the link to the book online.

        Best wishes from Slovakia


  2. Damn bro that’s crazy! I’m super excited you’ve gone to the spiritual side. I used to love your videos but now I can connect with you a lot more! I used to be super into pua and then I self-realized and didn’t give a fuck about it anymore and realized that I would be much happier searching internally for my happiness than externally. That and daily meditation helps! :) Be the change you wish to see in the world. Keep doin your thing bro! Your a huge inspiration!


    1. Thanks bro, really appreciate it. It’s good to hear too, because I knew I had to go and do this…. and I was hopefull that some of the PUA fans (those who were ready) would join me on this adventure. So welcome ;)



  3. Hey Sasha, just want to say I love your pick up stuff and the way you help guys out.

    Are you familiar with Sam Harris? He’s most famous for being a major intellectual/speaker in the so called “New Atheist” movement, but he also talks on a wide variety of subjects. He’s somewhat unique among public atheists in that he believes a spiritual life is very valuable and important – he wrote a book that is coming out in early September called “Waking Up”.

    Sam’s main motivation in writing this book is to give a guide for people who want to experience spirituality without needing to buy into a religious dogma. In his early 20’s he was the kind of guy that took a wide variety of psychedelics and traveled to the Himalayas to find mystics to train and meditate under. He was basically a solo hippie 20 years after the main movement.

    I bring all his qualifications up because even after all of this, he is somebody whose main point is to allow talk of spirituality to be explored, and explained by science. He’s also wary of people who use spiritual experiences to make larger explanations/claims on the nature of reality. I have a feeling even as someone who went through all the experiences he did, he’d be concerned with your assertions of faith and knowing larger principles of the universe based on your subjective experience (and it concerns me too, but being somebody with almost no spiritual experience compared to Sam, my concern doesn’t carry nearly the same weight)

    In any case, I strongly recommend his book when it comes out. Sam has consistently been an incredible writer and speaker, and I trust him to speak only on subjects which he knows. In the meantime, I strongly caution against making claims on the nature of the universe based on introspection and intuitive feelings. You don’t need me to tell you that everything that “feels” true or right may not be. Quantum mechanics is about as far from intuitive as you can get, and yet it is the foundation of the universe. The farther we get into truly understanding our experience, the less intuitive and natural these things are. One of his examples is that no amount of introspection and meditation leads you to the knowledge that your brain is composed of roughly 100 billion neurons, firing electrical impulses all across your brain in different patterns.

    In the specific example of the alien head above your shoulder, it’s very easy for participants to be suggestible and to “see” what Jane says she sees after she says it. If she asked the group of the others in the dark without any suggestion “Does anybody see something strange around Sasha?”, I think their answers would be different, because they weren’t primed in that way.

    Now if you’re skeptical about the ease with which somebody’s eyes can trick them into actually believing they see an alien head when they don’t, I think you should watch this video:

    This grandmaster and his students in the first video were so convinced of his no-touch martial arts abilities that he even issued a $5,000 challenge to any third party fighter who believed he could challenge the master’s power. There is a follow-up video of the master actually following through on the fight and being completely powerless against an average martial arts student from another school (to the total shock and disbelief of the students). If it’s possible for people to deceive themselves so dramatically on the nature of physical contact (to fall to the ground as if they had been hit when they hadn’t), it must surely be easier for people to have their eyes deceive them, or for their spirit to suddenly be lifted when someone they trust displays the confidence of their convictions.

    Evolutionarily it makes some sense – for most of human history we didn’t have reliable means of medicine, and life expectancy was horrible. Those who benefited from seeing the local shaman and believed him may have lived longer/had more courage/been more confident, and you may have that natural disposition.

    What I’m really advocating for is heightened skepticism. These areas of life are unfortunately plagued with confirmation bias and other psychological errors that cause people like that grandmaster to act in ridiculous ways. I love your pickup videos and am extending the direct/honest mindset in this post, please know that there’s no ill intent and only love with this post Sasha, and I’d love to continue the conversation if you’re interested :). If not, I really strongly recommend Sam Harris’ book “Waking Up” when it comes out, his expertise and first-hand experience is much greater than my own.


    1. Hey! Well this Sam guy sounds interesting I’ll check him out at some point.

      Honestly I think our skepticism would be much more useful applied to the propoganda being dolled out by the mainstream media, rather than people’s “subjective experiences”

      Even if I made it all up, it’s useful to me and that’s all that matters.

      However, when you have people all across the world having similar experiences, you start believing something greater is going on.

      More and more people are waking up to what’s actually going on – and it’s a lot of stuff. Good and bad…. all we can do is share information and help each other figure it all out….. and hope that our good intentions will carry us through….



  4. Where Can I Learn More about these things? What if I feel like something is wrong in another way.

    btw thanks for sharing


    1. Depends which things…. the internet has info on just about everything. You got to be a bit more specific!


  5. Hey Sasha,

    Great work on the awakening. I’ve been following your work for a few months now, let’s just say you’ve gotten me in trouble for trying to rent a sandwich once.

    When I read this, I closed my laptop and said, “Wow, Sasha has lost his mind.” However, minutes later your story stuck with me. I was wondering if there was someone sucking my energy. Have they seen me naked? I tried to sleep soon after, but I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. I’m not sure if it was a dream, or a vision, but last night I was given a choice of faces. Most were bleak, but one was almost smiling. They all looked like they were made out of blue smoke, the one I chose was brighter in color and the only happy looking one. As soon as I selected the face (it’s hard to explain, it’s as if someone was telling me to choose one of the faces, but there were no words involved) I woke up (Not sure if I was actually sleeping to begin with, I had been trying to meditate before bed in order to try to sleep) and felt a rush of energy to my heart. It was pounding, but it didn’t hurt or feel bad.

    That’s it, I just felt like I needed to tell you that.


    1. That’s interesting, and I’m glad you posted it. These types of noteworthy “semi-spiritual” incidents happen to many people, but often are just passed off or forgotten about…… I’ve had a few I’ll be posting about in the future as well.

      I think on some level, you definately made a choice, and it sounds like it was the right one. Also sounds like meditating before bed is a good idea – keep it up! Also look up “lucid dreaming” … you can practise being able to do it, which is something I want to get into!



  6. “Then suddenly I burst into tears. Like full on sobbing for like maybe a minute. Then I just felt relaxed.

    We went back to his house.”

    I had to leave while reading and came back to this and out of context it seemed pretty sexual (damn my weird imagination!).

    No idea why I felt the need to share that. Anyway, great post! Except you misspelled “endocrinological”, IDIOT! Don’t know why I felt the need to share that either… :D

    I was wondering what to do with my newfound freedom now that I’ve finished my repeat college exams, and now I know that I am definitely going to read more spiritual stuff! With all my study and daygame I’ve forgotten about energy vampires, auras etc. I’ve even added your blog to the sidebar of Recommended websites on my blog to remind me! (Hopefully *both* my readers will click on the link too). You can see it at Your other site is there too of course: I like the new look there by the way. Keep up the good work!


    1. To be honest, I’ve just accepted that’s one of the words I’m never going to learn to spell :P

      Yeah there’s a lot going on out there to get into!! Enjoy and see you in the comments ;)



  7. Sasha, that is a crazy story. I live in london, is there anyway i can get in touch with Jane E or any other spiritual healer that can help me?


  8. Since you began with spreading spiritual material I have deep respect for you. I’m looking forward to the future posts on this site!

    Only one question

    What is a good way to find legit people with psychic abilities?
    I live in The Netherlands by the way.

    Thank you for your time


    1. Thanks ;)

      No idea, I guess just by being very diligent in your search. Talking to locals in an area could work as people know what’s what. Focus on it, and the universe will send you one. What for, anyway??


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