I made this video explaining what happened that day I realised re-incarnation was the way it is. I hope to have more moments like this – it was awesome.


  1. Great video brother. I don’t know you personally but I know you have a big heart and you are an amazing teacher. All PUA stuff aside, your videos are inspiring change in many people as well as myself. Just want to say thank you as you deserve it.



    1. Thanks bro appreciate the love ;)



  2. Because of you i am reading Conversations with God now and it is some deep stuff. I want to start meditating and being consistent at doing it. Thanks Sasha!


    1. That book is AMAZING!!! A must read for all humanoids.


  3. I’ve been giving high value everyday.

    It’s been a nice experience to reflect on things to be grateful for.

    The lesson in classical guitar in the music store this week.

    It’s sounds like you experienced what the Buddhists call a jnana.

    I tried to meditate on loving kindness for 365 days without breaking the cycle to reach a bliss state…

    You’re always encouraging.


    Where do you get your TUNES, man?!?! :P


    1. Indeed reflection is important.
      Which tunes? The likely answer is: The Internet. It’s amazing.


  4. I was hoping for a while you were going to fully embrace and start up something like this ! Happy days , best of luck with it and I hope you flood this with as much info as you can for us! Thanks man much appreciated.


  5. Hi Sasha!

    Great vid!

    Also: What was the name of the Book from Happy science? :)


    1. Just looked, and I believe it’s called “The Nine Dimensions: Unveiling the Laws of Eternity”

      99% sure that’s the one….. very interesting.


  6. Sasha,

    Haha I must say, at first I thought it had something to do with Zuul, the Gatekeeper of Gozer (from Ghostbusters).

    I really appreciate your openness and honesty, and I’m inspired to do the same.

    Thanks for sharing brother!


  7. Hi Sasha,

    You remind me of Russell Brand. No, really :p that’s the first thing I say!

    I happened to stumble across an infield video of you and instantly your energy is very similar to his and also my own so I enjoy your energy a lot.

    We’re all now starting to awake to the state of the world and our mental climate, and we’re all beginning to see that a change in consciousness towards a dominant love-vibration is becoming necessary, especially us youngsters. It goes without saying that we’re free to have fun along the way ;) but the world is practically writhing in agony, and can you believe it? We’re so far removed from that blissful, indescribable state of being which is natural to our higher nature, and it’s the saddest most awful tragedy.

    The fact of the matter is that we live in a spiritual world and we are spiritual beings at our core. Without including the realness of spiritual experiences, this is the natural conclusion of all reasoning truth-seekers and of all those who have truly experienced what it means to be human. Yes, religion has been used as a tool for control, power etc. (silly humans -_-) but the problem is not within religion itself, the problem is in our psychology.

    When one is treading the spiritual path, the first goal to attain is that of deliberate and fully conscious self-improvement. Therefore many people have prepared themselves for spiritual work without even knowing it. Usually, we are born into a life where we are brought to our knees and forced into a state of truthfulness whereby we may look at ourselves and see not only the possibility for self-improvement, but the necessity of it.

    This craving for conscious self-improvement is a definite impulse given to us from the higher-self, so that through this crises we may learn to lift ourselves up and in so doing, create a line or path of service whereby others are lifted up too. We learn how to help ourselves in some manner, and therefore become fitted to help others. In one’s own freedom lies the hope for the freedom of others.

    It all starts from here. Alpha and Omega. Rawwrz and shnuggles. That warm feeling inside your heart? Right thuurr.

    Every single person on this planet is upon the spiritual path, and every person will eventually learn to express that inner, indwelling love through whatever it is that they are involved in; politics, education, business, etc. It could be literally anything, so long as the light of your true inner being shines through you, and you recognize and use it. The Law of Supply and Demand makes sure that we continue to receive only what we use.

    Our psychology, then, determines where we are in life, or rather… Our psychology IS where we are in life.

    This is the first book which impressed me with this truth.

    Love and Hugs xxx


    1. Well said, and that sounds like a good book :)


    2. What he said! ;)

      I’ve met Russell back when he was a bit of an ass-hole…. haha… way before he was famous. But yea he’s awesome, a true inspiration for us all :)


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