Talking to the Trees



Today I had my first conversation with a tree. Well – A kind of conversation.


Let’s go back a bit.


I’ve been hanging with one of my spiritual teachers.


So, she lent me a book my a fellow called Meladoma some. The book is called “Ritual” and is was all about the importance of ritual. He comes from a small village in western Africa. His story is very fascinating. HE was abducted by christian missionaries at a young age, and later as a young adult, he escaped and found his way back to the village. He had not been initiated, and this process would obviously be much more difficult for him at this older age. In the book, you discover how the elders in the village were shocked because Malidoma was unable to see the spirit o f the tree. One day, he sat for the entire day staring at the tree, and eventually saw the spirit of it. Needless to say his life was never the same after that.


Okay. So the last while I’ve been jogging a bit, and there’s a couple of nice trees in the area. I decided I was going to attempt to see the spirit of the tree myself.


I got in front of the tree, and just looked for a minute or two. I didn’t see it.


Then I said spoke to the tree a little. Jus ta bit of chit chat. “hey buy! Great to see you! I bet nobody talks to you out here, but I appreciate you guy!” …. Then I said “Tree, show you your spirit” … and I just stood there for a few moments. Then, I noticed a really hard core twitching on my left hand, kind for between my smallest two knuckles. At first I didn’t realize it was the tree, I wasn’t sure. The twitching stopped. Then, I said again “Tree, show me your spirit” … and again just a few seconds later, the same twitch, the same spot. It was really really strong. It felt like a light electrical shock on the spot. At the point, I was quite sure the tree was giving me a signal. Then, just because I’m a skeptic… I said “okay tree, I now that’s you – but just give me a sign one more time, just to make sure” …. Couple of seconds later, same twitch again.


So yeah – the tree was talking to me. Of that, there is no question in my mind.


Now, why did the tree give me a twitch, when I wanted to SEE it’s spirit? One reason might be that I’m just not ready for able to SEE it’s spirit – but the tree wanted to let me know it was listening, so it did the next best thing. It gave me a twitch.


I can say this though: I’ve never had that kind of intense twitch in any part of my body in my life, that I can remember. And if I did, it would have happened once and been done. But 3 times, right when I asked? That is no co-incidence. That was communication.


In fact, if I had to describe the twitch…. It was like quite like an electric shock. In fact a couple of times while see osteopaths, they have this machine that delivers a gently electrical signal to your body that it meant to help the muscles relax. I never liked it. Felt unnatural sending a current thru my body. Well, this twitch felt like that, but stronger – however, it wasn’t’ unpleasant at all. Just strong. But… the reason I know implicitly it was communication was the fact that, I can not reproduce that twitch in that part of my body consciously. I can’t just TWITCH that spot, or any other. It’s not a skill that I have. Ii even tried asking my sub conscious mind to do it for me now, and nothing happened.


Anyways, what’s interesting is, I have felt that spot twitch a bit today too… it’s like once that spot was activated, now it’s active. I don’t’ know if it’s meant to stay active as a type of tool for further communication, it’s just kind of going because… it’s active now? But…. Till today, I never had that twitch.


Funny: people make fun of “Tree huggers” … now only am I a tree hugger… imagine what they’d say if they saw me talking to tree. They’d think I was insane!


I’m realizing that actually… the fact that humans no longer communicate with is the insane thing. People who do are much more connected than those who do not.


Things are getting interesting, eh!



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