The Art of Spending

So I’m back in Belgrade, and was out in the park with Isabelle. We’d just done some shipping and had a little sit down to soak up some Vitamin D.

I noticed all these kids playing around having a good time. No fancy toys, either. No remote control cars, batter powered toys – not even a big wheel! Just running around, playing in the mud, playing tag.
And they were have a great time.

I just got to thinking about about how lucky we are- and just how greedy some of us get.

It seems that we’re all stuck in this never ending “more more more” consumerist spiral – more is great! More will make you happy! Get more at any cost – even your own future financial stability – Always MORE!

Everyone wants more – and they want THE BEST DEAL. Or a better price. Or special treatment of some kind – and we feel entitled to it.

I used to be the same way. Whenever I was buying anything from anyone – I’d always want a better price. I’d continually assume whatever they were charging was too much. I’d want to spend as LEAST as possible to get what I wanted – every time.

Now, I’ve realized that this is a horrible way of behaving – for a multitude of reasons.

First – Upon the grand realization that we are just all miniature sparks of the infinite creative source/god/all that is experiencing this human trip…. Getting one over on someone is the same as getting one over on yourself. You’re literally – fucking yourself over.

Ok, so that’s the big picture.

Furthermore, on an earthly level, the energy in which you conduct your transaction is the one you’re putting out into the ether. So, you’re passing that vibration on to that person, and they’ll pass it along to the next one – and so on and so on. And eventually everyone thinking “Why is everyone so fucking greedy?

Because of YOU that’s why – there’s nobody else to blame – because everyone is YOU.

Also, on an earthly level, you should simply want to support the people and organizations you give your money to. I mean, yesterday I was in this wonderful organic shop. They locally make, all organic soaps, face cream, hazelnut butter, all kinds of great stuff. Yeah, it’s more expensive than the cheap ass GMO, mechanized, chemical laden stuff you’d get in a supermarket. Much more. And you know what – I want him to have that money – because I want him to be around in 6 months so I can buy more great stuff. I want other people to be able to buy those products so they can also enjoy washing their hair without using a product containing industrial chemicals that are used in mainstream commercial products, such as carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxins, and hormone disruptors.

If I don’t think I should have to develop an auto-immune condition (hey, 1 in 10 people have one and it’s going up every year!) they why should I want my neighbour to get one?

So I WANT that guy to have my money. Sure, I’ll have less money, but it’s worth the price because I’m thinking of the big picture.

I don’t want a discount from that guy – I want him making money, being successful, and starting other locations to get his products out in other places.

Let’s get a bit deeper here – I’m not the first person to realize thie but it’s just another simple truth. The more money I spend the more money comes back to me. I know this. I relish this – it’s great!

So, this is a wake up call. We create the world around us by our actions and certainly by our spending. $ is the most powerful weapon we have. If we stopped supporting the industries that are killing us, they would have no option but to either go out of business – or start selling us things we want to buy.

There is nobody else to blame – but us.

So next time you think about negotiating on price – ask yourself. What are you actually buying? Where’s that money going? And what’s the true cost of your purchase?

God’s speed and good shopping ;)


  1. Hey Sasha, thanks for starting this blog!

    I realized something when watching your video. If we are all the same, then what is there to be afraid of? We are all truly one mind, and we should embrace that.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not really religious at all. Following everything someone else has told you, before making sure that it makes sense, is never a good thing to do. If it’s about how to live your life, believes, work, education or anything else, you are the one who’s supposed to make sure you do the right thing!

    Do something that makes you happy, and that helps people! But what are we led to believe? If you follow your dreams, you essentially have to be poor. Well, that’s a fucking lie! You can do whatever you want, and earn as much money you can handle at the same time.

    Do you need a University degree? No! Maybe if you want to become a surgeon, anything within medicine, or something that requires a certain exam. Except for that, most people that have one don’t even use it

    If you hate your job, and work 8 hours a day, 5 days per week. Aren’t you then per definition living in misery 160 hours per month? Yes, and why are most people doing it? Because everyone else does, it’s normal. If you do anything else, you are happy, go out with girls that guys turn their heads to see, earn all the money you want… you are a freak!

    Only thing holding us back is fear. Except for that, we are all limitless and can achieve anything :)



    1. We sure are – but at times it’s just hard to tune into that limitlessness ….. and “they” do their best to make sure that is the case.

      All we can do is wake people up to this and keep on doing our best….


  2. That’s the thing, about wanting the best deal and greed… when we feel that way, what we’re feeling inside, what we’re vibrating, what our energy is saying, is that “I don’t have”… or “I feel like I’ll run out.” And while it may be that we really don’t have much, if we feel like we do, our energy will be conducive for that of someone who has lots…

    …and then as more starts coming to us, and we’re giving it to “that guy”, we also become a conduit for helping that guy feel like he “has” too.

    See we’re both tuning in to these ideas:

    Tag beats all the toys!


    1. Indeed! And yes cool you’ve got a similar post!! :)


  3. Heyy Sasha

    Thanks for starting this spiritual blog, I think putting this blog will help open the mind of other people. Keep helping them to find there way and feel what you felt when you were talking to that crazy woman (already saw the vid). Keep doing what you doing, we’ll support you on every step you take.

    Thanks for everything,
    Hug and kisses
    -Carlos Cruz


    1. Cool man, glad to have you on the team :)



  4. Yknow it’s funny…

    I started reading those book recommendations about finance last night.

    You’re new blog post about $ appears in the morning :P


    1. If it does that’s pretty funny…. ! And it’s probably there for a reason…


  5. Interesting stuff. I would like to know what kind of spiritual practice you used in order to realize that we are just miniature sparks of a infinite source/potential/God? I would like to have the same experience. Because if i don’t then changing my behaviour won’t matter. It would be like driving car with a blind-fold and taking instructions from a blind man. Maybe i will arrive home safe, maybe i’ll just smack into next building.

    Money is just a medium of distributing wealth and material. Ultimately what matters is what kind of relationship we have with the rest of humanity, including all humans and everything else in existence, and not just a fragment of reality i.e. money.

    Fragmented actions spring from the activity of the human brain which is based on thinking. Thinking functions through experience, memory and knowledge. Since knowledge is a process of accumulation in time by the brain then thinking becomes a wast ignorant field in the human psyche since it can never KNOW everything.

    So real action springs from understanding reality through awareness directly. That is to understand ones own consciousness and hence everyone elses.

    And the question here is, how did you come to the conclusion that money has any fundamental value at all for the well being for humans?


    1. Well I answered your first question in my posts already….. reading and thinking is all that led up to this for me.

      As per money, yeah it’s just a tool. It *should* make things easier. But as with everything humans don’t see the big picture, get greedy, and poop all over everyone else.

      That’s why I wanted to start this thing – try and wake more people the hell up! ;)


    1. Hey buddy! Haha you’re always stalking me :P ….. will check it out soon :)


  6. Awesome stuff sasha thanx..
    Do u know ‘LES Brown’? he can make u believe any remotely impossible thing is possible..


    1. Hadn’t heard of him but just watched a 90 second clip and can’t say i’m against him ;) … I think I like him :)


  7. Sasha needs love??? Love u mannnnn!!! A lot!!!


  8. I really appreciate this post. I was discussing with a friend today how just about every email I get is someone or something wanting something from me. Time, energy, or money are the primary sources of what they want. With 3 different email accounts its pretty funny how many emails are generated to me daily that scream GIMME! GIMME! GIMME! Your email however was saying “Here ya go, have fun”. I just dont see that anymore and it’s greatly appreciated. First you had some emails generated around nutrition and you werent even asking for anything. Just passing along learned and applied knowledge to help your fellow weary traveler. And now this. Well played sir!


    1. I do what I can.

      P.s – I accept donations :P



  9. Hey buddy, great post, and I fully agree, when I relax around money, it comes, when I stress it subsides.

    I look forward to reading more stuff along these lines.


  10. Interesting topic Sasha! I hope you keep the blog going. It’s certainly fascinating to hear from a well traveled man!


    1. Will do. Even without much effort, interesting things happen which just need to be shared!


  11. Hey Sasha,
    I spoke to you on your YouTube channel about my girl and losing presence whilst concentrating on pursuing wealth. Thanks for your tips.
    Although I’m working hard on creating some wealth to stand on my own two feet in my life, I believe tapping into the spiritual, loving and conscious nature is even more important right now.
    Have you ever thought about hosting an event, for like minded people for guided meditation, yoga or a huge group good deed slightly away from the daygame stuff? I think that would be seriously cool, with proceeds going to a worthy cause.



    1. Hey brother, Yes I have thought about this. I’m going to keep this blog going and make some vids etc…. and maybe build up to such an event. We’ll see what happens!


  12. sasha , would like to know about your spiritual journey and more particularly if you encounter this thing, i would only explain it as ‘one-ness’ like we are co-creating everything, so instead of being separate beings trying to ‘make’ something happen, we are just to enjoy what’s unfolding and your thoughts about ‘effortless’ action. a video about it will be nice!


    1. Hey buddy. I have had moments of one-ness but usually short lived. I think to a degree at least, the goal of all this spiritual exploration is to reach a permanent state of one-ness ….. but it isn’t easy.

      They try and make sure we never reach that point – because if we do, their game is over.

      Who would support a system that murder’s your brother, your sister, your parents, children??

      It’s already happening – we just need to speed this up before the planet is destroyed.

      May make such a video!


  13. I’m slowly getting it man. We could be this one ‘something’, if you chose to look at it like that. We’re all made out of the same materials(atoms) and follow the same universal principles. So you can percieve the whole universe as one massive really complex ‘something’ with all of us a part of it. We are that one something, therefor we are one. It’s all a matter of perspective. It brings out good emotions out of me when I look at it like that. Makes me feel humble and extremely happy.

    And really interesting thoughts on spending money :)

    Btw, there are some typos in your posts. Shipping = shopping? Not sure if you noticed.


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