Working with Mother Meera – in my dreams!

Sept 3rd


So last weekend I went to see Mother Meera. She’s an “avatar”…. The Divine Mother incarnated to earth to help us.


I’m here for the same reason but…. Not an avatar as far as I know :P


Anyways, me and my girlfriend went to do Darshan with Mother Meera.


Basically it’s 300 mofo’s in a room, she enters the room, everyone stands up and waits till she walks through, gets to the front and sits down. Then, everyone eventually gets into this line, and when you get to the front you kneel and put your head in her lap. She does a bit of work on you, then you look up into her eyes, she does her thing – and when she looks away, you’re done. You slink off like the low life you are, and the next person gets on in there. So on and so forth.



So, the first hilarity was that we confused as the location is Schloss Schaumburg, Balduinstein. Now Schloss Shaumburg means castle Schaumburg, and there’s another castle like that nearer where my girl lives. We thought it was that one. It wasn’t…. the corrcect one was 300 miles further away! Argh!! We knew we weren’t going to make the first Darshan, but she called them and they said we can come at 7pm instead of 4pm, and that was all good.


So, we arrive and there’s HUNDREDS of people. We were on time but got seats way in the back. Poop! Well, there was little excitement. As described above, we wait patiently until it’s our turn. I was doing some meditation/energy stuff while waiting, and I kind of dosed off into a semi trance. It was weird – I wasn’t really asleep, but I kind of was. When I came to, I was aware that I had been doing something, some kind of energy work, but I’m not sure what. The 2 hours wait flew by pretty fast….


I’ve not discussed this much so far, but I’m very sensitive to energy and can do certain things with it, so…. I’ll talk about that more at some point. Suffice to say I can move it around, do reiki type of stuff, and re-balance people’s shakras, at least to a degree. And I can feel positive/negative energies.


So I get up there, I put my head down, she lightly touches it, then stops. I look up, her right eye at first then I switch to the left. About 6 seconds, she looks away, I roll off. That’s it. Didn’t feel anything at all, other than the energy as I described.



Day 2, pretty much the same, except I didn’t feel as much energy as I approached. I hadn’t been doing my own energy stuff before so that may be the reason.


So in all honesty, the only craziness was the dreams I had the night before I went to see Mother Meera. They were REALLY intense, I was aware I was dreaming, and it was just amazing…. Hadn’t has one of those In a really long while…. I suspect that was the Mother preparing me or SOMEthing. There are reports of her visiting people in that way so… maybe she did.


That’s about it really – it was funny to see all the people milling about there, because it was all very “ho hum” for some of them. Like they’d done it all before. But there was a certain reverence for Mother Meera.


Jew note: They were caning it in the souvenir shop, tons of people were spending 50 euro’s a pop on books, calenders, pictures…… Mother is KILLING IT! :P


That’s all for now…. You can check out website on her official website for anyone who’s considering going.



  1. Dear Sasha,

    Sorry for my bad english. I am form Germany :-) the country you just visited, but never heared of Mother Meera before.

    I recently started to watch your pua videos for about 4 months, because I always struggeld with the real worth while ladies. And I am starting to look for one thats realy worth having children, etc.. at some day..
    I didn’t knew why, but from the start I liked your videos for the good energy, despite the fact that I was questioning myself if it is right to become a PUA or use this technics. Before watching your videos I always thaught having short time relationships with girls is something not so honourable, because it only produces broken hearts. And as I never intend to hurt somebody I always stepped back from this. Your mindsets realy start to change this. You are honest and direct. The message you deliver is positiv (For example: Loving a girl forever and not destroing a relationship because of jealousy etc..)

    Two years ago I started doing Hatha Yoga out of a natural intention and started to develop my self-awareness constantly. ..

    And now this! You are blogging about your process of self-awareness. (I noticed you talking about levels of energy in your PUA videos but I didn’t saw this comming..)

    I am thankful that you do this. You are on the right way and doing the right thing at the right time. I am now looking forward for two things:

    1. More stuff and videos about your spiritual process.

    2. To get to know how this influences you as an PUA.

    Thank you for your work and all the best!



    1. OMG!! IT’s ZE GERMANS!!

      Well great comment man, happy to hear I’ve had a good influence.

      I think everyone eventually has to go down the spiritual path.

      Actually I think we are all on it, but some people unconsciously.

      It’s much better when you do it consciously.

      Yeah, well I don’t like the PUA shit either, that’s why I never teach and useless crap. All mindset stuff.

      I will at some point just be doing something else totally… pua just isn’t for me anymore ;P


  2. Do you make this stuff up?

    I find it hard to reconcile this new spiritual, mystical you with the rational, pragmatic, level headed dude from your other blog that I have been following for years and always thought of as someone with a serious amount of sense who tells it like it is, even when the truth can be hard to stomach even when all the real evidence points to it.

    I guess what bothers and grates me is that another person I have kind of ‘known’ has become engrossed to the point where he seems brainwashed through his involvement.

    Much like my younger brother who set out on a similar journey over a decade ago and has for the last half of that says he has found the way and answers he was searching for through some sort of guru, who lays claim to the most ludicrous of super natural abilities, such as being able to meditate for months on one breath and being in six places at the same time and other such absurd super human abilities, that I could recite pages of, but which he can never demonstrate to us mere mortals because it against the rules of the long lineage of yogis in some secret location in the Himalayas he is apart of. And this guy is the one he believes in that proposes to know the truth about what our existence is about in this universe. I mean fucking really.


    1. Well, I believe you can be a grounded person who tells it like it is – but also tune into much greater truths about our reality.

      If you really feel like all the spiritual stuff is “woo woo nonesense” it just means you’re not ready for it yet. And that’s fine. Everyone is progressing at their own pace.

      But the fact that you’re reading this and posting anything means that you are already curious.

      I would only suggest that you keep an open mind and – just consider – the possibility that the world is not really like it is presented to us.

      There are powers in this world that very heavily control what information we are exposed to, for their own benefit. Once you realize that, you start to question what you “know” and just who or what is “reality”

      If you don’t think the above statement is true about information being controlled… when then you are still deeply asleep.

      And then all I can see to you is “Enjoy your dream!”




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