Working With The Sub Conscious Mind




I did some training with a fellow who teaches people to work with their unconscious mind. That is, he doesn’t put you in a trance or anything. He basically gets you to start a dialogue with your unconscious mind. AT first he uses kinetic testing to ask if the unconscious mind is willing to work with you and find out some other basic info. Then after that, you get a signal from the mind. A signal for yes, and a signal for now. Then the work begins.


It was actually quite easy to get a signal. Quite clear too. During our time together we also worked on some physical pain I had, and asked the mind to shoot me a flash of pain to acknowledge part of my conversation, and I got enough to go “ow!” out loud. So, it was very clear.


Now, it would be not that exciting and too time consuming to go into the work that we did, but suffice it to say, I’m starting to see there is quite a lot of potential in working with the sub conscious mind.


First I should say, that we all have tapped into this power at some point. Have you ever wondered what time it was, and u just had a feeling it was a certain time? Then you looked and you were exactly right? Like to the minute? Happens to me a lot. What about setting an alarm clock, then waking up right before it goes off? Well guess what: You are using it there. But those examples are quite automatic. What about Consciously working with the mind to help you in your life?


Imagine you can just ask your mind if it could cure disease, or work our problems, or … anything. The possibilities are infinite. So, in the last couple of weeks I have just begun exploring this journey, but it is quite fascinating. The first time you get a “yes” from your mind, you are like “Whoa!”


Now, one question I had from this fellow was “Well, where does the line end between that part of my mind and my higher self? Or source? And he said “it’s all one, it’s all the time”


I’m not sure about this. I have had communication with “friends” from off world… and that was a distinct voice that was not me. Sure, I’ve listened to my instincts… maybe that was my SCM? But Sometimes I get inspiration which I know is divine inspiration (in fact, which inspiration is not divine?) … but then again isn’t my SCM part of the divine too? So…. I don’t know. Even though on the highest level yes everything is connected, I believe there are different layers of intelligence. Different flavors. It’s like, there’s what, 7.3 Billion people on the planet? So at the highest level of course we are all one. But….. while we are humans, we most are not. We have our own thoughts, and we have our own experiences. You can’t say speaking to one persona is the same as speaking to anyone else. We are different!



Any who ,I will keep experimenting with my SCM and wee how it goes. For you reading this, I’d encourage you to try and start up a dialogue yourself. Just sit down , close your eyes, and ask your SCM if it wants to work with you to improve your life, and if so that you’ll need a sign that means yes. Then sit and wait for the sign. I believe for most people it shall come. Just be patient and allow.


Remember, that your SCM is your partner and the better you do the better it is for you both. So treat it with respect and ask for help and you shall receive. One bonus tip: You can ask your SCM if it has the resources to accomplish a certain thing. IE. Heal some condition. If yes, you can ask if it can heal it in say 30 days. If yes, then ask it to do so and give you a yes when it has begun. Then thank it. But, if you get a “no” to 30 days, ask for 45 days. Another no? 60 days, and so on. Never give a command without working with it and asking relevant questions. You are not the boss. You are a team – work together and you can accomplish much.


Please post your comments on your experiments with this, I would love to hear them.

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